This is a transcript for The New Looney Tunes Show season 2, episode 26 "Wakko's Wish".

Fade in. Interior: Bugs Bunny's house. Bugs enters with a storybook.

  • Bugs: Hi doc, I'm gonna to tell you a Christmas story, it's about a wishing star and three kids who had a wish from said star (he opens the book and everybody turns in a medieval setting). Over a century ago, in the foothills of the old river valley, there stood the village of Acme Falls. It was a town filled with happy inhabitants, including the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.
  • Yakko: Well, no place is perfect.
  • Bugs: That's true. But Acme Falls was as close to perfect as possible - except for a little blue kitten, that is. Now this village was part of a peace-loving, picturesque little country called Warnerstock, which was ruled by a benevolent king, Sir William the Good. Everyone loved King William. Peace and prosperity covered the land, but then King William passed away and there was a struggle for control of the kingdom and the struggle ended with Warnerstock being overthrown in a hostile takeover by the nation of Tictockia. Now, the new leader of Warnerstock was Salazar the Pushy, a ruthless corporate rat who vowed to rule with a tight fist. But the international community didn't support his regime and the country's fortunes plummeted.
  • Brain: I'm a mouse, not a rat!
  • Bugs: Salazar's treasury grew dangerously low, so he sent out an edict for the country to start turning a profit or perish. To fill the royal coffers, all cities and towns were to be taxed and this included Acme Falls. There, the king sent his tax collector, Baron Wile E. Coyote, who was taxing to the extreme.
  • Wile E. (chewing) Well?
  • Daffy: Forgive me, Baron Coyote, sir, but I've nothing to pay my taxes with. Why, you've taken my livestock, my land, my home and left me with nothing to eat!
  • Wile E. Yes, yes, these are hard times. I can hardly keep the fire burning myself.
  • Daffy: Oof!
  • Wile E. Next!
  • Bugs: The baron squeezed the life out of Acme Falls until the once prosperous town was crushed. And so our story begins, in the miserable little village of Acme Falls, with this pathetic band of downtrodden and destitute townsfolk. And three orphans who live on the street ever since the orphanage shut down; Yakko, Wakko and Dot.
  • Yakko: What do you want from us? We're freezing here!
  • Bugs: Oops, sorry. Dot, the younger sister, needs a operation because... because... I don't know what's the reason. It doesn't matter. It happens Wakko haved get a job in another city, (the scene changes to Wakko packing his mallet) so he packed some things he needed and (Wakko entering at a train) he went to the fastest train in the kingdom.

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