Wakey Wakey Headache is the second segment of the sixth episode of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Porky Pig and Petunia Pig.


After they overslept and arrived late, Porky and Petunia now have to wake up early in order to not be fired. However, a series of events does not let them sleep.



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  • (reserved for DonaldoC1997)


  • This segment serves as a remake of both Porky's Badtime Story and its color remake Tick Tock Tuckered.
    • Unlike both versions, Petunia appears instead of Gabby Goat (in the original short) and Daffy Duck (in the remake) and Porky doesn't wear pants.
  • Some gags are recycled from the House of Mouse cartoon Hickory Dickory Mickey.
  • This was the third segment to be animated at Toon City Animation in the Phillipines.

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