Violet Parr is one of the two tritognaists in the 2004 action movie "The Incredibles". She is a 15 year old, who's superpowers is: Invasibilty.

Violet is seen as a shy but a bit of a bully in the first part of the movie, due to her calling her brother a "Little insect", but as the film progresses she seems more confident about herself and her powers.

She will appear in the 2017 cartoon crossover, Castaras, As the best friend of Lyndsey Longmoore and Lola Bunny.

In Castaras Babys, Violet and Lyndsey are shown as babies, as a baby Lola visits them in Vice City. Violet was jealous of Lyndsey and Lola's friendship, 14 years later, shocked by Lola's return, Violet grows a bondly friendship with her, by giving Lola and Lyndsey and friendship locket.

Violet Parr
107 × 101
Personal Information
Aliases Good
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15
Birthday 7th April 1995
Affiliations Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Dash and Jack-Jack Parr, Frozone, Edna, Goodies (Castaras), Lyndsey Longmoore, Lola Bunny
Occupation Schoolgirl, Superhero
Homeworld Earth
Residence Metro Town
Interests Being alone, Tony Ridinger
Parents Bob Parr

Helen Parr

Grandparents Unknown
Significant other(s) Tony Ridinger
Children Grace Ridinger
Siblings Dash (brother)

Jack-Jack (Brother)

Production Information
First appearance The Incredibles
Last appearance Castaras: Long After
Voiced by Sarah Vowell (2004-present)

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