Season 2, Episode 16a
Date Aired: TBA
Episode Guide
"La Gran Alcaparra del Queso"
"Law and Looney"

Underfox is the first segment of the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Foxy.


Underfox (Foxy) saves news reporter Sweet Roxy (Roxy) from being dropped into a bucket of acid by a mad scientist (Wile E. Coyote) and his assistant (Ralph Wolf).



  • "When Roxy's in trouble, I'm not slow. For it's hip-hip-hip, an' away I go" - Foxy.
  • "There's no need ta fear, Unda 'fox is heah!" - Foxy.


  • This segment serves as a parody of the 1960s TV cartoon Underdog.
  • The narrator sounds similar to the narrator in the Earthworm Jim cartoon series.

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