Transferred Body Guard is the fourth episode of The Villians Show

Plot Edit

When Gossamer quits, Sam hires Marvin the Martian as his new body guard.

Summary Edit

Gossamer has had enough of Sam, so he quits. Sam plans to kill him until he realizes that Gossamer is more destructive then him. Meanwhile on the moon, Wile E. Coyote is chasing the Moon Runner with Marvin the Martian chasing him. Then Wile E and Marvin fall off the moon. Luckily, Wile E grabs a ledge, but Marvin falls to earth only to be saved by Sam. Sam welcomes him and says he will be his new bodyguard because he has deadly instruments of torture. Marvin asks why he has to take orders from Sam. Sam says its because he has DEADLIER instruments of torture. At the resistance location (Bugs' Hole), Bugs says they need a plan to overthrow Sam. Speedy suggests that now that Wile E is stuck on the moon, they could easily sneak in, and tie Sam to there rocket and send him to the moon. Bugs says that now that Wile E and Gossamer are gone, they could easily do that. But there plan is stopped by Marvin and nearly hits them with a bazooka. Bugs and the resistance run. Bugs says that now that Marvin is on there side, its gonna be hard to stop Sam.

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