This is a transcript for The New Looney Tunes Show episode "Speared, Seared and Feared" from the minisseries "Toon Marooned".

Fade in. Bugs and Daffy are in a lifeboat in the middle of the sea, while Taz is trying to fish.

  • Bugs: Ahh, there's nothing like a ocean swim to really get the old circulation going.
  • Daffy: Today's challenge is to catch a fish... (cuts to the deep ocean) ...with your bare hands.

The contestants are in the seabed trying to hold their breath. Then, shadows of a shark and of a anglerfish appear, scaring them. Late, a mermaid shadow appears, but ends up eaten by a piranha. An intercom appears in order to Bugs and Daffy communicate with them.

  • Bugs: (in the intercom) The first castaway to catch a fish wins immunity tonight.

The contestants get set.

  • Daffy: (in the intercom) Ready? Go!

The contestants start the challenge. Monty catches three fishes, eyebrowing to the camera, but ends up to be catched by a female squid. Meanwhile, the Pussycats try to catch their fishes at the tune of Blue Danube, ending up to be chased by a shark and then end up to explode a naval mine, burning part of their fur. Cuts to the Brain, who is trying to catch his fish, but he's catched by a clam who hits him. Then, Buster and Babs are trying to catch a small fish, revealing to be a pufferfish, succeeding on it. Cuts to the contestants reunited at night.

  • Daffy: Congratulations to Buster and Babs for winning.
  • Bugs: Time for someone else to go. Fishes also vote.

The contestants start to vote. Sylvester and Sylvia, still injured, vote, passing out, revealing that they voted on the Brain. The squid, still in love with Monty, also votes. Bugs takes out the paper from the bin.

  • Daffy: And that's fifteen votes for the Brain.

The Brain comes in, still stuck to the clam.

  • Bugs: Sorry Brain, the toons have spoken.
  • The Brain: This is so ridiculous.

The Brain leans against another naval mine, ending up to explode, while Bugs and Daffy see it.

  • Bugs: (to the camera) When it rains, it pours.

Iris out and the segment ends.

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