This is a transcript for The New Looney Tunes Show episode "Finders Eaters" from the minisseries "Toon Marooned".

Fades in. Bugs, Daffy and Chef Foghorn are reunited with the contestants.

  • Bugs: Today's immunity question involves catching and eating your own food (Chef Foghorn shows them a rat).

Buster, Babs and Porky are anxious to vomit.

  • Buster and Babs: Gross.

Elmer and Pepé got pale.

  • Pepé: No way I'm gonna eat zat.
  • Elmer: I agwee.
  • The Brain: That's disgusting.
  • Wakko: Hmmm, it seems delicious.
  • Daffy: Capture the rat, bring him back and eat him between two pieces of bread.

Cuts to the contestants on the start line ready to start.

  • Bugs: (holding a checkered flag) Ready?
  • Monty: (to the camera) This show is going down real fast.
  • Bugs: Go! (the contestants start the challenge)

Monty's Secret Alliance is trying to find the rat with Sylvester throwing a rock, accidentally hiting Monty. Sylvia finds the rat's house and pretends to be it to eat him. Then, the rat shows, being chased by Tweety with a butterfly net, destroying her tail.

  • Sylvia: (screaming) Yikes! (almost cries)

Cuts to Penelope, who built a fake saloon to catch the rat. Then, she puts Acme Knock-Out Pills on the rat's drink.

  • Penelope: I almost feel sorry for that stupid rat.

She puts a fake moustache and the rat comes in. Then the energy fails on the "Open" sign.

  • Penelope: (disguising her voice) Mmmm, must be a short in the system.

She tries to resolve the problem when the rat exchanges the drinks, coming back shortly.

  • Penelope: There it is. (grabs the drink) Cheers!

Both drink and Penelope ends up to pass out due to her drinking the drugged drink. Cuts to Wakko, who made a puppet female rat to catch him.

  • Wakko: Yoo-hoo! I mean, (disguises his voice) yoo-hoo!

The rat falls in love with the puppet and Wakko catches him.

  • Wakko: Gotcha!

Cuts to the finish line, where Bugs and Daffy are and where Wakko is ready to eat his sandwich.

  • Bugs: Congratulations, Wakko. You're the winner.

The rat escapes from the sandwich. The Brain comes in eating a sandwich.

  • Bugs: Ehh, what you're doing, doc?
  • The Brain: Eating a sandwich.
  • Daffy: Well, he's a rat and he's eating a two slices of bread. Is that legal?

Referee Dawg comes in with his Rules Book.

  • Dawg: (opening the book) Here it is.
  • Bugs: (reading it) Well, there's no irregularity. Brain is today's winner.
  • The Brain: But I'm only eating a sandwich.
  • Bugs: Yes, but it's on the rules.

Cuts to the contestants reunited at night.

  • Daffy: (taking out the last paper) How funny, a three-way tie between Porky, Pepé and Penelope.
  • Porky, Pepé and Penelope: What?
  • Bugs: That's the way it goes, folks.
  • Pepé: Zat's completely ridiculous.
  • Porky: I agree with him. Th-th-th-that's propost-pr-pr-propos-pr-pr... Eh, see ya around.
  • Penelope: At least, I tried.
  • Bugs: The toons have spoken.
  • Monty: Another loser out the door. And good riddance to that rat too.

The rat hits him with a coconut, making him to pass out. Zoom out to the logo, with Porky coming from it.

  • Porky: Th-th-th-that's all, folks.

Iris out and the segment ends.