Toon Marooned is a recurring wraparound segment in The New Looney Tunes Show (during Season 2 only), being a television version of the homonymous webtoon series, hosted by Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.



Survival of the DimmestEdit

  • Plot: In the first episode, the contestants are taken to the Island of Taz-Mania.
  • Winner: None.
  • Eliminated: None.

Beach, Blanket, Bang-OEdit

  • Plot: Bugs and Daffy set up a race so that the winner will receive an immunity anvil.
  • Winner: None.
  • Eliminated: Hello Nurse.

Helter ShelterEdit

  • Plot: All the toons have to make shelters due to the thunderstorms in Taz-Mania. However, one mouse seemed to ruin all of them.
  • Winner: None.
  • Eliminated: Sniffles (for speaking too much and making lose the patience to the other contestants).

Finders EatersEdit

  • Plot: The remaining toons were required a gross task: find a rat and eat him.
  • Winner: The Brain.
  • Eliminated: Porky Pig, Pepé Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat.

Sandcastle HassleEdit

  • Plot: Bugs and Daffy set up a sandcastle competition for the toons.
  • Winner: Buster, Babs and the Warners.
  • Eliminated: Babbit and Catstello.

I Misplaced My PianoEdit

  • Plot: The toons have to do a scavenger hunt in order to win a t-shirt.
  • Winner: None.
  • Eliminated: None.

Speared, Seared and FearedEdit

  • Plot: Bugs and Daffy set up a contest for all the castaways to find a fish.
  • Winner: Buster and Babs.
  • Eliminated: The Brain.

Oh My Darlin' SerpentineEdit

  • Plot: With ten toons left, they have to get a snake for immunity.
  • Winner: The Warners.
  • Eliminated: Elmer Fudd.

Obstacles, Of CourseEdit

  • Plot: Bugs and Daffy set up an obstacle course for the last nine toons remaining.
  • Winner: Tweety.
  • Eliminated: Sylvester and Sylvia.

Fowl Be Comin' Around the MountainEdit

  • Plot: In the final episode of Toon Marooned, Monty, Tweety, Buster, Babs and the Warners have to touch an idol from a mountain to win the show.
  • Winner: Tweety (1st place), Buster and Babs (2nd place) and the Warners (3rd place).
  • Eliminated: None.





Monty's Secret AllianceEdit



  • The segment is a spoof of CBS' Survivor and, at a minor extent, the Total Drama franchise (which spoofs the former franchise).
  • Unlike the original webtoons, Daffy is a co-host instead of a contestant.
    • His antagonistic role was given to Montana Max instead.

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