This is a transcript for The New Looney Tunes Show episode "Beach, Blanket, Bang-O" from the minisseries "Toon Marooned".

Fade in. The title card appears with Bugs coming out from the logo.

  • Bugs: (munches a carrot) Toon Marooned.

Cuts to Bugs and Daffy in the island.

  • Bugs: Today, our toons will compete for the immunity anvil.
  • Daffy: That means the winner can't be voted off the show tonight.

Cuts to the contestants prepared for the challenge.

  • Bugs: Alright, gang. Listen up: you race down the beach, you pick up the bucket (shows a bucket full of dynamite) and and you bring it back here. The winner gets immunity.
  • Daffy: Ready? Set (all start the challenge, angrily), go.

The contests are running to get the bucket. Daffy sets the first obstacle.

  • Daffy: (to Taz) Here, boy. Catch the steak.

The steak falls on Babbit and Catstello, leading Taz to attack them.

  • Babbit: This is ridiculous.

Monty digs a hole, leading Porky to fall on it.

  • Porky: (falling on the hole) Whoa!

Monty buries Porky and laughs evily.

  • Porky: Hey, who turned of the li-li-li-li... Gosh, it's dark in here.

Monty lets Hello Nurse surpass him.

  • Monty: Oh, ladies first.
  • Hello Nurse: Oh, thank you, young man.

She falls on another Monty's trap, ending up tied with a rope.

  • Hello Nurse: (being tied) Oh!

Monty sticks out his tongue to her and gets the bucket, reaching the finish line.

  • Monty: I win, I win.

The bucket explodes.

  • Bugs: Sorry, doc. You lose. It's supponed to come to the finish line.
  • Monty: What?! But I was coming to the line!
  • Daffy: Yes, but the dynamite exploted just before you came. Besides, you cheated. So, you lose anyways.
  • Monty: (angrily) I HATE RABBITS AND DUCKS!

Cuts to the contestants reunited at night.

  • Bugs: Now you guys must vote someone off.
  • Daffy: So tonight we're going to try these butterflies ballots.

The butterflies fly to the contestants, hitting Sylvester and Sylvia's face various times, while Elmer didn't catch one.

  • Elmer: (shooting the butterflies) Come back hewe, you scwewy buttewfwies (laughs).

Daffy gets the paper on the bin.

  • Daffy: (reading it) Ehh, sorry, Nurse. The toons have spoken.

Hello Nurse gets angry. Cuts to the port, where she prepares to depart. Yakko and Wakko cry.

  • Dot: (grumpy) I'm sister to two crybabies.
  • Hello Nurse: (angrily) Well, I'm contesting this vote, you whippersnappers. How did you? (the cruise arrives) I will have my lawyers here before morning... (the cruise ladders hit Monty and she sees it) Oh, a cruise. (changes her mod and giggles) So long, suckers! (gets on the cruise)
  • Bugs and Daffy: Bon voyage! See ya!
  • Bugs: Ehh, one down, 17 to go.

Iris out and the segment ends.