The Warners Meet the Tramp Robber is the second segment of the twenty-fourth episode of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring The Warner Siblings.


Secret agents Warners have been given a mission by The Chief to track down a tramp robber whose been stealing money, jewelry and gold from all over Burbank.



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  • "Don't worry, siblings. We'll capture that tramp robber guy and bring him to justice or we'll die trying! Or try dying! Or do some tie-dying!" - Yakko Warner.
  • "This is a stick-up, everybody! Put your hands up in the air! (the bank tellers put their hands up in the air) Now hand over the dough or I'll shoot!" - Tramp Robber.
  • "Good morning, Agents Y, W and D. A bank robbery is in progress and the Tramp Robber is up to no good. Get right on it." - The Chief.
  • "We hear you loud and clear, Chief. (to Wakko and Dot) Isn't that right, sibs?" - Yakko Warner.
  • "(unison) Right!" - Wakko and Dot Warner.
  • "(with a British accent) Oh, Yakko, old chap! I... I..." - Tramp Robber.
  • "Don't "ol' chap" me! You took advantage of the people! Not to mention all the items in Burbank that you stole" - Yakko Warner.
  • "(dropping the accent) Look, it's not what you think..." - Tramp Robber.
  • "Even your charming British accent... was a lie! How could you?" - Dot Warner.
  • "Yeah, about that. Well, you see... Look out! It's Baloney the Dinosaur!" - Tramp Robber.
  • "Hit the dirt!" - Yakko Warner.
  • "Blast! He duped us. And we fell for it like a couple of scared little puppies (Wakko whimpers like a dog)" - Yakko Warner.
  • "You're a dirty, dirty liar! And your pants are on fire!" - Dot Warner.
  • "Whoa!" - Wakko Warner.
  • "And... and you go jump up and touch a telephone wire! That's what a dirty liar you are!" - Dot Warner.
  • "Settle down, sister sibling. We'll handle this" - Yakko Warner.
  • "Thanks. Some of those things she said were really hurtful" - Tramp Robber.
  • "Mister, you're just entering a world of hurt! Wakko, hurt options" - Yakko Warner.
  • "The Roman doggy maul?" - Wakko Warner.
  • "Possibly. Go on" - Yakko Warner.
  • "The Harpo Marx gookie face?" - Wakko Warner.
  • "Intriguing" - Yakko Warner.
  • "The Canadian pummeling rage of death?" - Wakko Warner.
  • "Bingo! Sibs, we have a winner. Fellow Agent Boo, do the honors" - Yakko Warner.


  • The Tramp Robber is a humanified caricature of the one-shot raccoon character from an earlier segment, The Raccoon Who Came to Robbing.
  • The Tramp Robber sounds similar to Phillip J. Fry from Futurama.


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