The Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote Show is a spin-off show starring Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote.


This series stars Sylvester the Cat and Wile E. Coyote who live in a trash alley and try to find a place to live.


  • Sylvester: The main protagonist of the series. He is Wile E.'s best friend and he always come up with ideas. He is talkative and speaks in a sloppery lisp, which bothers Wile E. His catchphrase is "Sufferin' succotash!" Voiced by Jeff Bergman.
  • Wile E. Coyote: The main deuteragonist of the series. He is very intelligent and is Sylvester's best friend. He also invents out of objects he find in the trash alley. When finding a home, Wile E. acts as a dog to fool people into thinking he's a dog. Voiced by J.P. Karliak.



Episode listEdit

  • New Home: Tired of living in the trash alley, Sylvester and Wile E. find shelter at a home, but unfortunately got kicked out later.
  • Stinkin' Rich!: Sylvester and Wile E. earn a lot of money from a performance act and start spending it on food.
  • Pet Store: Sylvester and Wile E. live in a pet store in hopes of getting adopted, but no one seem to want them.
  • The House of Sanctuary: On a rainy night, Sylvester and Wile E. find a house to live in, but problems start with Tweety Bird, Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales.
  • The Chase: Sylvester and Wile E. chase after Tweety Bird, Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales.
  • The Thunderstorm: On a stormy night, Sylvester and Wile E. try to find shelter.
  • Love at First Sight: Sylvester falls in love with Penelope Pussycat, and Wile E. helps him.
  • Timeboard: Wile E. invents a time-travelling board as he and Sylvester travel through time.
  • The Copycat: Sylvester starts imitating Wile E., which got on his nerves.
  • The Treadmill: Sylvester and Wile E. find a treadmill, and they decide to walk on it but get stuck.
  • Golden Egg: When a rare, golden egg is thrown out, it rolls to the trash alley and Sylvester and Wile E. fight over it.
  • Halloween Night: Sylvester is scared of Halloween and Wile E. helps him overcome his fear.
  • Home of Shelter: Sylvester and Wile E. find a house to live in, but get thrown outside in the nighttime.
  • The Life of a Mice and Bird: A mice and a bird decide to commit suicide, thinking they have nothing to do, and get Sylvester and Wile E. to eat them, but they refuse, thinking they're poison.
  • The Nightmare: Sylvester and Wile E. have a nightmare.
  • Night Before Christmas: Santa Claus stops by and pay a visit to Sylvester and Wile E., who are excited by his arrival and try to make him comfortable.
  • The Pizza: Sylvester and Wile E. encounter some pizza that dropped from a pizza truck, and as they enjoy themselves, they fight over the last slice.
  • The Pound: Sylvester and Wile E. gets captured by an animal catcher and sent to the pound.
  • The Old Abandoned House: Sylvester and Wile E. find a house that has been abandoned for years and decide to live in it, but later on, it gets demolished.
  • Trapped in the Zoo: Sylvester and Wile E. visit a zoo and get locked in at night.
  • The Vet: Sylvester and Wile E. get adopted by a famiy, and the next day, they take them to the vet to get a shot, as Sylvester and Wile E. try to escape.
  • A Crazy Family: Sylvester and Wile E. get adopted by a crazy family, and try to escape after seeing how unnormal, inconsiderate and non-civilized they are.



  • The short The Cat and Coyote Who Found Shelter acted as the pilot episode of the show.
  • The sound of Sylvester meowing is actually archieved footage of Furrball meowing from Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • The sound of Wile E. barking like a dog is actually archieved footage of Bruno barking from the 1930s Bosko shorts.

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