The Search for the Tasmanian Devil is the third segment of the sixth episode of Season 2 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and The Tasmanian Devil.


As part of a documentary for the Warner Geographic Society, famous journalist, adventurer and naturalist Daffy Duck and his cameraman Porky Pig travel to Australia to find a Tasmanian devil specimen. However, when they find Taz, they discover that he's hungry and for their dismayal, one of his favorite dishes is ducks and pigs.



  • "(narrating) We're at the island of Taz-Mania, located at the southeast of the Australian coast. My mission here is to show our viewers at home one of the most interesting creatures in the world: the Tasmanian devil" - Daffy Duck.


  • The Warner Geographic Society is a spoof of the National Geographic Society.
    • During the production of the segment, the show's crew asked unsuccessfully 21st Century Fox (the majority owner of National Geographic Partners) to give permission to use the society's fanfare. As a result, a spoof of the fanfare was created.
  • Daffy's character is a spoof of British journalist and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, well-known by his nature documentaries for the BBC.

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