The Raccoon Who Came to Robbing is the first segment of the first episode and premiere of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, being an one-shot segment.


A raccoon enters a hillbilly's house and attempts to steal things from the hillbilly. Matter of fact, his attempts are foiled, such as accidentally turning on the record player causing the hillbilly to wake up, being chased off by a guard dog and getting mangled by a bear.



  • "This shouldn't even happen to a raccoon! (he then lets the iris go, but it closes on his nose in the process) OUCH!" - Raccoon


  • The line This shouldn't even happen to a raccoon! is referenced from the end of the 1944 cartoon short Hare Ribbin'.
  • This was the first segment to be animated at Toon City Animation in the Phillipines.

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