The New Looney Tunes Show Pitch Reel is the unaired pilot episode of The New Looney Tunes Show. It was made in October 2013.


Bugs and Daffy introduce their new show, The New Looney Tunes Show to Cartoon Network and Boomerang. The two state that they are the hosts of the series, normally introducing to the viewers the segments presented in the episodes. Every episode is split into three segments starring the characters from Looney TunesTaz-ManiaTiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, along with two mini-skits: the first between the first and the second segment and the second between the second and the third segment. At the end of the pitch reel, Porky comes out of the big drum and says, "T-t-t-that's all folks!".

Characters Edit






  • The pitch reel was animated entirely at Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS Entertainment).

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