The New Looney Tunes Movie is a film based on Looney Tunes.

Transcript Edit

A logo of Looney Tunes is shown with Bugs, Lola, Daffy & Porky at the upper part of logo.

Bugs - Hey, let,s go to the Pizzariba.

Daffy - I am the boss. I will say that.

Porky - C - c - can i come ?

Lola - Yeah. And i too.

Daffy - Now, i will say. Off course !

Bugs - Wait a second ! There is a robbery going on ! Let us help !

Daffy - I have said you that a hundred times that it is my time for talking.

Yosemite Sam - Ha Ha ! Bugs ! Daffy ! You again !? Leave my way or my shotgun will shoot you.

Bugs - We will not.

Yosemite Sam - Okay. Now, go !

A small drop of water comes out of the gun as Sam presses the gun.

Sam - What happened !?

Bugs - I have switched the shotgun with the water pistol when i was saying a robbery was going on.

Sam - Stealing my gun !? I also have something powerful. Where is it ?

Sam leaves the money as Bugs started collecting them and giving them back to where they belong.

Sam - Seems like there is nothing here. Okay, so goodbye !

Bugs - Goodbye !

Sam - Wait a minute. Where is the money ? They have dissapeared ! I will follow them.

While Sam was searching for them, Bugs and the gang are now currently eating at Pizzariba and talking to Speedy Gonzales.

Porky - I should say one t - t -hing. These pizzas are the best pizzas in t - t - the world.

Speedy Gonzales - You should go to Mexico. There lives my cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez. Arriba ! Arriba !

Bugs - Thanks for the advice, Speedy. Lets go to MEXICO !

I am tiny, i am toony

My name is Bugs Bunny.

And i am the heroic duck,

Name is Daffy and this pig,s Porky,

Lola, Sylvester & Tweety, Road Runner & Wile. E Coyote

Well, this is the Looney Tunes Movie - e - e -e

That,s all, folks !

Bugs - Here we are at Mexico.

Sam - Mexico, huh !? I think the treasure is somewhere here.

Daffy - Is any robber here ?

Bugs - No.

Lola - Sorry, someone is in the phone. What !? No ! Okay, we will help you. Speedy,s cousin Slowpoke told me a robber with red beard and a pirate hat stole some money and a map.

Porky - B-b-b-but, i was thinking it would be a nice vacation !!!

Daffy - Now, i will speak.

Bugs - No, you will not. I think to save the vacation, we have to defeat that red beard pirate aka Yosemite Sam. We must go on a way of our own. Daffy & Porky will go on a safe way, to take the things from him while, Lola & I will try to distract him.

Later . . . .

Bugs - Well,where are you going ?

Sam - You again !?

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