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The scene shows Porky, Bugs and Daffy at a restaurant ordering 10 Pizzas.

Bugs - Eh, don't you think that eating 10 Pizzas isn't good for health ?

Daffy - No.

Bugs - I am out of here.

Shortly after Bugs leaves the restaurant, a villain shows up.

Yosemite Sam - Where's money ?

Daffy - That Pizza is mine !

Porky - No ! Mine !

Daffy - Mr. Beard ! Take whatever you want but not the Pizza.

Meanwhile, Bugs who is nearby. He saw Lola.

Bugs - Excuse me, what's your name ?

Lola - Lola.

Bugs - My name's Bugs.

They saw Sam running from the Restaurant with money.

Bugs - ( I can become a hero by that. ) Wouldn't you want me to help you escape.

Yosemite - Yes.

Bugs takes him to an unknown place.

Sam - It's not my house. But to move fast, I will go there.

Bugs - He forgot to read the sign ' Jail ' !

Lola - You really did great, Bugs. It would be great of me if have a friend like you.

Bugs - I agree.

Daffy & Porky - We will never fight again !

Meanwhile . . . . . .

Sam - I can still escape from here . . . . . someday . . . over the rainbow !

Porky - T - t- t - that's all folks !

After the credits, night time at Bug's house was shown.

Daffy - Why aren't you sleeping ? I can't sleep because of you !

Bugs - Shh . . . I am reading how to impress girls !

Daffy - I have a tough luck.


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