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The scene shows Bugs in his hole as he is tired.

Bugs - Eh, Eh, I'm tired of da hunters chasing me. I have find a new home !

Bugs gets out of the hole as started walking through deserts to find a town. Suddenly, Elmer comes and sees the hole empty.

Elmer - What a luck ! First, I can't catch that wabbit, and now he is invisible !

The scene shows the opening as all the Looney Tunes get sucked into a paper where the series name is written. The episode name was shown as the episode continues as it was shown Daffy encountering Bugs.

Daffy - The name's Daffy who has no home. Where are you going, my long ears friend ?

Bugs - To find a home. Well, actually I have a home, but it was actually da dome.

Daffy - Let me go with you. You look weak. I had saved the world many times and I will protect you ( And I can be worshiped as a legendary duck hero !).

Bugs - Whatever !

The scene shows they come across a sign written Looney Tunes City.

Bugs - Let's go inside this city !

Daffy - Why ?

Bugs - Because we are Looney Tunes, too.

Daffy - Oh, right ! Let's go !

Suddenly, they saw Porky.

Bugs - Hello, who are you ?

Porky - I am P-p-porky ! Run Away ! That house is haunted.

Daffy - The name's Daffy and I will save da day. Let's go, my long eared friend !

They get inside the mansion and avoided many traps as Daffy got into one of them.

Bugs - Hmmm. dis must be da work of a wild animal or else the house can't be so dirty.

Bugs throws some chicken into the ground as a wild Tasmanian Devil appears.

Bugs - What's up, doc ?

Taz - Taz like bunny !

Bugs - Dis animal just wants to be pet. Let us keep it and the house. Eh, Daffy ?

Daffy - Right here. Porky saved me.

Porky - I will l-l-let you keep this house.

Bugs - I got a new home !!!!!!

Daffy - Me too !!!!!!

WB logo appears and . . . .

Porky - T-t-t-that's all, folks !!!!!!

After the ending credits, the house is shown again.

Bugs - Wait a second ! Who will clean da house ?

Porky - W-w-why are you two s-s-staring at me ?


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