Transcript Edit

The scene shows Bugs & Daffy at their house.

Bugs - Guess what ? I invented the time machine !

Daffy - That's a great news ! Lets test it !

Bugs - The past ! Here we come !

They came into a rocky place.

Bugs - Wow ! The past is surely nothing interesting ! Okay ! Future !

They came into a city of destruction.

Daffy - Where are we ?

Pete - The looney tune City !

Bugs - What has happened ?

Pete - Everything is destroyed in the world cause a green headed martian has destined to make this planet disappear forever.

Bugs - Wait, really ?

Pete - No, this is a film shooting !

Bugs - Let's go back !

Porky - W-w-where have you guys b-b-b-been ?

Bugs - Whatever!

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