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The scene shows Daffy, Bugs & Porky at a Space Center.

Neil Armstrong - No ! Moon was tough ! Going to MARS is tougher !

Daffy - Okay ! Then we will go ! But I need some money for prize.

Man - Deal !

Later at Mars.

Daffy - So this is Mars !

Porky - Who is h - h - he ?

Bugs - Are you a martian ?

Marvin - Not just any martian, Marvin the Martian !

Daffy - What are you doing with that big planet destroyer ? Searching planet to look for money ?

Marvin - Fools ! It's a big rocket that destroy blue things ! AND I wanna destroy Earth to see my view of Venus !

Daffy - Wait a sec ! You can't do that ! Earth had the most money !

Marvin - Fuck you and your money !

Bugs throws a blue ball in space. The machine destroys it.

Marvin - No ! Battery died ! I had wasted all maney on it.

Bugs - MANEY !?

Marvin - You know, it's the Martian version of what you call money !

Daffy - Yeah ! I have put flag here !

Marvin - I will destroy it.

Bugs - I forgot to tell ya the flag is made of glass. See it is coming back to you and destroyed planet but the flag is still at small corner of the planet.

Daffy - But, our rocket !?

Porky - W - w - while you all were talking, I made the d - d - destroyer a rocket !

Bugs - Let's go ! Bye Bye Marvin !

Marvin - Next time I will destroy first these three !

Porky - T - t - t - that's all folks !

MAN - Sorry boys, but no money !

Lola - Bugs did it ! Yeah !

Delivery boy - Uncountable pizzas for Porky !

Neil Armstrong - I am ready to give you a lot of money, Duck !

Porky, Bugs and Daffy - I think we got our prize.

After credits.

Elmer Fudd - How deal with the wabbit !

Yosemite Sam - I can help ya !

Marvin - I can help you too !

All villains - Prepare, duck, pig and especially the rabbit !!! We will haunt you the next episode.

Bugs - And that's the end !

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