The Misadventures of Private Snafu
Season 1, Episode 10c
Date Aired: August 24, 2016
Episode Guide
"Search for the Dodo"
"The Looney Mystery"

The Misadventures of Private Snafu is the third segment of the tenth episode of Season 1 of The New Looney Tunes Show, being a one-shot segment.


Private Snafu and his brothers are sent to the Middle East to fight against a terrorist group, ending up in a series of disasters.




  • This segment marks the first time that a Private Snafu media is made in color.
  • Each brother represents a military wing: Snafu represents the Army, Tarfu represents the Navy and Fubar represents the Air Force.
  • Unlike the original shorts (made during World War II), the segment's plot focuses in the military intervention against ISIL, including a stereotypical interpretation of Arab people.
  • In order to respect the show's rating (TV-Y7-FV), the adult humor of the original shorts isn't present, being more closer to the comedy style of the other segments and adopting some characteristics of Dr. Seuss' (which wrote the scripts for various Private Snafu shorts) work for children.
  • Kath Soucie's voice characterization of Sally Lou (Private Snafu's girlfriend from the Censored short) in the segment is very similar to her voice characterization of Lola Bunny.
    • Coincidentally, Private Snafu's voice characterization in the shorts and the segment is a variation of Bugs Bunny's voice characterization.

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