Plot Edit

bugs bunny moves into a new neighborhood with squeaks lola and taz finds out other characters live here

even some from other franchises the other looney tunes are busy working the jobs in the area and with a

show like this the whole neighborhood just might get turned upside down

characters (looney tunes) Edit

bugs bunny

lola bunny

squeaks the squirrel

daffy duck

taz the tasmanian devil

wile e coyote



playboy penguin


witch hazel

pepe le pew

penelope pussycat

marvin the martian

pete puma

phineas and ferb Edit

phineas flynn

ferb fletcher

cadance flynn

phineas and ferb's mom

phineas and ferb's stepdad

perry the platypus

maggie the macaw

harry the hyena

karen the cat

heinz doofenshmirtz

My little pony friendship is magic Edit

twilight sparkle


pinkie pie



rainbow dash


cheese sandwich

tree hugger

maud pie

supporting characters (all categories) Edit

major glory

tina rusoo

yakko warner

wakko warner

dot warner

minerva mink

kitty katswell

lincoln loud & his ten sisters

princess celestia

princess luna

princess cadence

dj-pon3 & octavia

forgotten characters in the show Edit

goopy gear

foxy and roxy


bosko and honey

the mad doctor

villains Edit

the rodent killer

king lion

imposter bugs


sporky the spartan

loincloth the barbarian

cecil turtle

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