Looney Tunes Movie Adventure Awaits is an American animated film which features Jeff Bergman as Bugs & Daffy, Bob Bergen as Porky and others where they got stuck in an adventure.

Adventure Awaits

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Transcript Edit

The camera shows beautiful grasslands where many sounds are heard.


The camera shows Elmer chasing Bugs Bunny.

Elmer - You ain't goin anywhere, wabbit !

Bugs comes up with gift.

Bugs - Before I die, I will give ya a gift.

Elmer opens the package and a dynamite blasts off.

Bugs - Goodbye, Elmer.

Daffy - I was going to be the hero.

The scene turns black and then shows credits.

Bugs and Daffy started roaming near credits.

Bugs - What's up, duck ?

Daffy - Why do you waste my turns.

Bugs - I was made for that. To be more better.

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