The Bears and the Rabbits
Season 1, Episode 6b
Date Aired: July 20, 2016
Episode Guide
"Border Disorder"
"Penelope and the Hawk"

The Bears and the Rabbits is the second segment of the sixth episode of Season 1 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring The Three Bears and Bunny & Claude.


After an euxasting day, Bunny and Claude are forced to find a temporary place to escape the Police. Meanwhile, it seems that they ended up in the Three Bears' house.



  • "(lying to the Three Bears) Good morning, my wife and me have lost in this place, and we want a place to eat, watch TV and sleep" - Claude.
  • "These rabbits are too mysterious, they have too many sacks with carrots! How we know that they are not outlaws? I've seen The Angry Birds Movie and the pigs had lured the birds that way" - Henry Bear.
  • "Henry, please! That's not our way to recieve guests!" - Mama Bear.
  • "Oh boy! New friends to play with!" - Junior Bear.
  • "Have you seen this couple? They're Claude Hare and Bunny Rabbit, better known as Bunny and Claude. They recently robbed many carrot patches. Anyone who sees this unmarried couple should..." - Claude Cat (on TV).
  • "Unmarried?!" - Mama Bear.
  • "These bears... I'll take revenge on them" - Claude.
  • "Silence! After all, 256 years isn't forever" - Henry Bear.


  • The segment have some similaties with Baby Buggy Bunny.
  • Claude Cat makes a cameo appearance, being a newscaster for CNN.
  • The Angry Birds Movie is mentioned by Papa Bear.
  • This segment marks the first appearance of The Three Bears in the show.

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