the sequal begins at the end of the first space jam wher mike tells bugs to stay out of truble and he lokes at lola telling her he will which makes lola laugh and then kisses lola and insted of lola puling down the next scean lola puls bugs for another kiss and becomes his girl then the camra now starts focasing on lebrons past and now wich shows him playing in the NBA when he still played for miami befor he got back home in clevland OHIO playing for the CAVS and how he moved back was after he met the looney tunes which include bugs and lola when they told him family is important because after years past bugs and lola got married when lebron still played for the miami heat but lebron met the looney tunes for another reason THE MONSTARS ARE BACK but the nurdalucks live with the looney tunes now so they also told lebron they are robot versions of the monstars so they ask him for help but he tells them he can't but chages his mind when they told him mr swaghammer wont give up on slaving them


  • LeBron James
  • TBA