Souper Duck is a 1948 Merrie Melodies colour cartoon directed by Arthur "Art" Davis with voices by Mel Blanc.


Daffy Duck hears of a magical soup created by Witch Hazel and tries to get his hands on it.


Daffy getting his face in the soup which is not magical, but dynamite makes him appear in blackface. This is cut on Cartoon Network, The WB and CBS, but weirdly left intact on ABC and Nick.

Daffy getting shot multiple times by his first obstacle, Elmer Fudd's gun is cut on ABC.

First cut scene runtime: 2 seconds

Second cut scene runtime: 10 seconds

Original cartoon runtime: 8: 23

CN, CBS, The WB runtime: 8: 21

ABC runtime: 8: 13

How many seconds were cut?: 12 seconds on every channel

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