Sheepherd's Pie is a 1957 Looney Tune starring Ralph and Sam,directed by Chuck Jones.


Ralph tries various ways to get the sheep,but sam won't let that happen.

PLAN 1: Ralph turns sam in an opposite direction,so he won't see what's happening,but sure enough,he does.

PLAN 2: Ralph goes under a pond,where the sheep drink and plans to grab the sheep while drinking. But a very thirsty sheep accidentaly drinks Ralph,so ralph gets stuck inside the sheep. When inside the sheep,he plans to knaw on the sheeps organs. He sinks his teeth into one of the organs,and the sheep starts screaming. Sam notices quickly,runs to the sheep,grabs ralph out of his body and beats him up.

PLAN 3: Ralph attempts to blow up the sheep with TNT,but sends himself to outer space. Also there is Sam,who beats him up in space.

PLAN 4: Ralph tries to conduct a gremlin puppet to dristract sam while he's getting the sheep,and it doesn't work.

PLAN 5: Same ending as the one from Sheep Ahoy and Double or Mutton.

Avalibility Edit

This short is avalible on the Looney Tunes Fanon Collection Volume 1.

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