Saving Private Daffy is a Looney Tunes cartoon.


Sgt. Bugs Bunny

Sgt. Porky Pig

Cpl. Road Runner

Cpl. Wile E. Coyote

Cpl. Mark Anthony

Lt. Sylvester

Lt. Granny

Prv. Daffy Duck

Prv. Taz

Prv. Charlie Dog

Prv. Bosko

Prv. Elmer Fudd

Prv. Speedy Gonzales

Prv. Toro the Bull


Sgt. Von Vulture


The cartoon begins with the battle of L-Day [ Looney Day ] and shows Bugs Bunny and many other famous Looney Tunes cartoon characters.Bugs tells the rest of his squad that they are looking for Prv.Daffy Duck.Von Vulture sees that there is a squad coming for the bunker he is in and throughs a Acme bomb which disentigrates Granny.Granny angry tries to move but can't since shes ash and the wind blows her away.As Bugs leads is squad to the bunker and destroys it, Von Vulture gets away and throughs a bomb laughing and disentigrates Elmer Fudd and it ends with Von Vulture captures Daffy.

Saving Private Daffy part 2Edit

Trans scriptEdit

Bugs: Run!

Speedy: From what?

Bugs: From WHAT! from that! pointing at a bunker

Speedy: ah

Bugs: to every body all right Von Vulture is in that bunker we need to destroy it!

Bugs.Remember were looking for Pvt. Daffy boys so look!

Taz: This him? holding a jar of jelly

Bugs: NO!

Von: Hmm...theres a squad coming for me?!

Von throughs a bomb at them

Elmer: Wun BOMB!

Granny: What? bomb hits her

Granny Why I outta

Bugs: You what?

Granny: Kill him! wind blows her away

Granny: NOOOOO!

Bugs: So we lost a man

Sylvester: Woman!

Bugs: Any whoo remember to go after that bunker

Speedy: Yes sir!

Von: Oh great there gonna' blow my bunka' to pieces

Von: Get ready chump!

Daffy: I ain't no chump


Daffy Ok...jerk

Von: What did you just say?

Daffy: nothing

Von: Good!

Porky: It's Gonna BLOW!!

Bugs: And we wai... the bunker blows up

Von: Yall' didn't kill me!

Daffy: Kill him!

Bugs: Dang nabit!

Von: Get ready for this!

Von throughs a bomb laughing

Bugs: Elmer look out!

Elmer: What? the bomb hits him

Bugs: Eh...didn't care for him

Daffy: Ouch

Daffy: Somebody save me!

Sylvester: Don't worry! we'll get you after lunch!

Daffy: Wait what!

Bugs: Yeah what Sylvester said grinning

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