Rabbits is a remake series of the Wabbit a looney tunes Prod it is based on the relationship and marriage of bugs and lola Bunny this will be the first TV series focused on bugs and lola's marriage which will finally be shown all over the US ever since Space jam started it was the beginning of their relationship and it continued with the 2011 cartoon network series The Looney tunes show and years passed bugs and lola are still dating and we been thinking should bugs and lola be married by now so this new series will finally show their Marriage this series will air in the year of 2050 and will have the total of 20 season and will have 25 episodes in each seasons that will be the total of 45 episodes of the series see the list of episodes down below


Bugs Bunny (main Character)

Lola Bunny (main Character)

Daffy duck ( major Character)

Sylvester the cat ( major Character)

Yosemite Sam ( major Character)

Porky Pig ( major Character)

Tweety Bird (major Character)

Jayson Bunny (Main Characters)

Eric Bunny (main Character)

Other Characters

Babs and Buster bunny (main Characters)

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 Happy anniversary

Episode 2 game night

Episode 3 jason and Eric Bunny

Episode 4 Daffy babysits

Episode 5 chilling and grilling

Episode 6 First day of school

Voice Actors

yoshie from mario as ( Bugs bunny, Daffy Duck ,and Yosemite Same)

princes peach from mario (Lola Bunny)

TBA (Jayson Bunny)

TBA ( Eric Bunny)

louigi as(Buster Bunny)

panini from chowder as (Babs Bunny)

Tweety Bird as himself

sylvester jr as (Sylvester the Cat)

three little pigs as ( Porky Pig)



Baby bugs