Pizza Delivery is the first segment of episode sixteen of The Looney Tunes Peanuts Show. It aired on Cartoon Network in March 36, 2016, and on Boomerang in April 26, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

When Lucy and Linus' parents order a pizza, Lucy and Linus want that Lola deliver their food late for eating free and their parents not have to pay. However, the attempets end up failling.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

  • Lucy van Pelt (lead role)
  • Linus van Pelt (lead role)
  • Lola Bunny (lead role)
  • Bugs Bunny (minor role)
  • Lucy and Linus' parents (cameo)
  • Charlie Brown (cameo)
  • Sally Brown (cameo)
  • Porky Pig (cameo)
  • Roxy (cameo)
  • Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (cameo)
  • Pepe le Pew (cameo)
  • Hector the Bulldog (cameo)
  • Pinky (cameo)
  • Gogo Dodo (cameo)
  • Shermy (cameo)
  • Tweety Bird (cameo)
  • Cool Cat (cameo)
  • Foxy (as a policeman; cameo)

Trivia Edit

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