Philly Penguin is a character in looney tunes. He first appered in the  penguin stops here.

Philly Penguin
Personal Information
Aliases Phil, Phillip & Philmore
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Age 30
Birthday January 4th 1939
Homeworld Earth
Residence Antartica
Parents Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Grandparents Grandma Pauline

Grandpa Joe

Significant other(s) Paulina Penguin
Children Philly Penguin Jr
Others Uncle Freddie

Aunt Peck

Production Information
First appearance The Penguin Stops Here
Voiced by Bill Banks

Personal AppearanceEdit

  • He dislikes bugs bunny to put a rotten carrot in his property when he gets really angry!
  • He dislikes for getting an another carrot for bugs bunny but he dosen't want to.
  • He dislikes everone and even tresspassers in antartica.

Behind The ScenesEdit

He was voiced by Bill Banks.


He is a black & white penguin.

He is the only black & white penguin in antartica.

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