Ever had any questions about the Looney Tunes? well here's mine....Please answer them and also feel free to ask your own:)


  • Answer the question in detail if you can
  • No Swearing
  • No silly answers

What ever happend to Melissa Duck? Did Daffy dump her then met Tina?

Do The Baby Looney Tunes have parents?

What ever happend to Bug's date, Starlett Johnson?

Is Priscilla Pig the daughter of Petunia Pig or not, because you dont see her mother?

What is up with Danger Duck's beak, it's nothing like Daffy's?

Why does Lexi Bunny's ears suddenly stick up when unsuper, when they were down before?

What classic cartoons has Petunia pig starred in with Porky?

Why did they put Melissa and Petunia in Baby Looney tunes, if they are sometimes there?

Why is Lola in Baby Looney Tunes if she met the looney tunes in Space Jam?

Why did Swackhammer question if Micheal Jordan was a looney tune but didn't with Lola, is it because she's a cartoon and Micheal isn't?

In Duck Dodgers, Who did Daffy murder...Was it someone from the past, Bugs? Porky? Tina?

Is The Daffy Duck Murderer real?

How come you dont see Speedy as a baby or his descendant?

Why was Daffy frozen, why didn't we see his future grandchildren in that year?

Does Danger Duck fancy Lexi?

Finally, In Castaras Long After (My cartoon) what would you name Daffy and Lyndsey Duck's daughter?

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