My Blanket and Me is the 11th episode in The Looney Tunes Peanuts Show. It aired on Cartoon Network in March 30, 2016, and on Boomerang in April 20, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

Tired of Linus' blanket, Lucy tries to get rid of it, which all her attempets fails. Meanwhile, Bunny and Claude try to stealing a golden carrot at the museum, but, to their dismay, the Warners are the guards hired to avoid it.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Main plot Edit

  • Linus van Pelt (lead role)
  • Lucy van Pelt (lead role)
  • Road Runner (cameo; delivery boy)

B-plot Edit

  • Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (lead roles)
  • Bunny and Claude (main antagonists)

Quotes Edit

Linus: Uh, there's no mail for me?

Lucy: Why do you care if there's mail for you?

Linus: No reason. Lucy: Ha! The Air Rescue Service mailed you your blanket and you're waiting for it?

Linus: If that blanket of mine is lost in the mail, it's your fault, you know. They'll have to haul me away kicking and screaming. I crack up and they haul me away, what are you going to do?

Lucy: I'll write you.

(The Road Runner comes and gives Linus a box, and goes away; Linus opens it, and sees his blanket)

Linus: My blanket! *he takes the blanket outside of the box, and throws the box away* My sweet blanket.

Lucy: WHAT!? But.. but... How it's possible?

Linus: Well, sis. This is not your lucky day... and Mom and Dad want to talk to you.

Lucy and Linus' mom (offscreen): LUCY! Come on here! We're talking about what you did with your brother's blanket.

Lucy: What!

Lucy and Linus' dad (offscreen): Your mother and I told you that, when Linus regained his blanket, we're giving you a punishment for you did with it, young girl.

Lucy (sadly): Okay. *she goes away*

Trivia Edit

  • The main plot is a loosely remake of the Peanuts special "Happines is a Warn Blanket, Charlie Brown".

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