Lyndsey Longmoore is a character from 2015 cartoon "The Lost 7", where she and her siblings are spies protecting the world from villian Kirstie. She will appear in Castaras, along with Kirstie as a villian and her best friend Violet Parr.

Lyndsey Longmoore
Personal Information
Aliases Good
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15
Birthday 25th December 1995
Affiliations Hayley, Nicola, Penny, Charlotte, Dawn, Paul, Longmoore, Ruberta, Sapphire, Luke and Jane.
Occupation Spy
Homeworld Earth
Residence Westminster, London, England
Interests Flowers, pretty stuff, hanging out with friends
Parents Arnold Longmoore

Amii Fraine

Grandparents Earl Longmoore (Parental Grandfather)

Margarita Logmoore (Parental Grandmother) George Fraine (Marital Grandfather) Lola Fraine (Marital Grandmother)

Significant other(s) Luke Like
Children Lucy Like
Siblings Hayley, Nicola, Penny, Paul, Charlotte and Dawn
Pet(s) Tammy, a white fluffy cat
Production Information
First appearance The Lost 7
Last appearance Castaras: Long After
Voiced by Tara Strong (2015-2018)

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