looney nonsense cinema 200 will last for 7 seasons each season will have 30 episodes

season 1 Edit

  1. monkeybone-in the premiere episode bugs and his robot friens are sent brendan fraiser's biggest bomb monkeybone
  2. foodfight-marvin and k-9 send the gang a bomb that had the biggest stars foodfight
  3. the garbage pail kids-bugs and the gang are sent a bomb based on popular trading cards the garbage pail kids movie
  4. green lantern-before he was deadpool ryan Reynolds was in this box office flop as the green lantern bugs and the gang are sent this movie speaking of which
  5. sharknado-bugs and the gang are sent a movie that doesn't make sense that people seems to be talking about sharknado
  6. my little pony the movie-in honor of the bronies bugs and the gang are sent my little pony the movie nuff said
  7. godzilla vs megalon-bugs and the gang are sent they're first godzilla movie godzilla vs megalon
  8. reptilicus-bugs and the gang look at denmarks attempt at making a monster movies reptilicus
  9. home on the range-bugs and the gang review a disney movie that tried to capture the old west but failed home on the range
  10. the pebble and the penguin-bugs and the gang riff on a animated movie based on a myth and people wished stayed a myth the pebble and the penguin
  11. dudley do right-bugs and the gang are sent dudley do right based on the jay ward titular character with bad casting and brendan fraiser
  12. sasuage party-the gang is sent a movie that looks harmless but quickly extends it with animated food getting eaten and also having an orgy sasuage party
  13. bubsy the animated series-the gang is given a pilot to a failed game mascot bubsy
  14. disney's chicken little-the gang is given another failed disney movie chicken little
  15. john carter-in this really bad disney movie a man crashes and ends up on mars
  16. maleficent-the gang is sent a live action disney remake even angelina jolie's acting can't save this movie
  17. howard the duck-bugs and the gang are sent george lucas's biggest failure of a movie marvel's howard the duck
  18. suicide squad-forget the avengers bugs and gang watch a movie that not even a father would be proud of

season 2 Edit

season 3 Edit

season 4 Edit

season 5 Edit

season 6 Edit

season 7 Edit

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