when bugs bunny is abducted in marvin the martian's tractor beam marvin sends him onto a satellite shaped like a carrot and sends him bad animated movies bugs riffs on them with his robot friends

intro Edit

in the not to distant future! somewhere in planet x 13

the evil marvin the martain and his dog k-9 were hatching an evil scheme

they're target was a bunny named bugs

someone that they both on who they held a grudge

they're experiment needed someone so they thought he would do

so hey lured into a ship and sent him to a satellite on the moon!

*bugs screams*

we'll send him really bad movies

the worse we can find

la la la

he'll have to sit and watch them all and we'll monitor his mind

la la la

now keep in mind bugs can't control where the movies begin or end

because he used some extra spare parts to make some robot friends

robot role call droid cam! (your on!) carrots (a girl bunny robot) duck soupo (what a name) croak!!! (ribbet!)

if you wonder how he eats and breathes and other science facts

la la la

just have a carrot and watch the show and afterwards maybe have a nap

it's looney nonsense cinema 200!

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