This is a listing of all the animated shorts released by Warner Bros. under the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies banners between 1940 and 1949.

A total of 307 shorts were released during the 1940s.

Identification numbersEdit

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons were each assigned identification numbers that would appear directly on title cards shown at the beginning of each short. These numbers included cartoon studio production numbers, Vitaphone release numbers, Blue Ribbon re-release numbers, and MPAA certificate numbers. Not all of these types of numbers were listed in the title cards of every cartoon and the numbering schemes were sometimes inconsistent. For example, until 1943 cartoons listed Vitaphone release numbers but not cartoon studio production numbers. These release numbers, in turn, increased to 9999 but then restarted at 1. Complicating matters was the Warner Bros. Blue Ribbon re-release program, in which some cartoons were re-released in theaters with new title cards that often removed original production credits and substituted production or release numbers with new re-release numbers. In many cases, the Blue Ribbon releases are the only available prints of a cartoon, making it challenging to discern these cartoons' correct original production information.[1]

In the list below, Blue Ribbon re-release numbers are noted with "BR" and Vitaphone release numbers are noted with "VP".

LTCC = Looney Tunes Complete Collection, which was released from 2003 to 2015, over 13 volumes, with 3 years covered on each set.


Instead of Ben Hardaway & Cal Dalton leaving, they return to direct in1942 when drafted into WWII and directing Private Snafu shorts with Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett and Friz Freleng. Frank Tashlin & Bob Clampett continue to direct to the 1960's.

Title Series Director Characters ID # Release date Availability (DVD Release) BR
Porky's Last Stand LT Bob Clampett Daffy Duck, Porky Pig 9158 1-6-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
The Early Worm Gets the Bird MM Tex Avery 9103,
BR 1318
1-13-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Africa Squeaks LT Bob Clampett Porky Pig 9160 1-27-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Mighty Hunters MM Chuck Jones 9363,
BR 1314
1-27-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Busy Bakers MM Ben Hardaway
Cal Dalton
9153 2-10-1940

LTCC - 1939-1941

Ali-Baba Bound LT Bob Clampett Porky 9364 2-10-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Elmer's Candid Camera MM Chuck Jones Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny 9371 3-2-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Pilgrim Porky LT Bob Clampett Porky 9368 3-16-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Cross-Country Detours MM Tex Avery 9423 3-16-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Confederate Honey MM Friz Freleng Elmer 9365 3-30-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
The Bear's Tale MM Tex Avery 9369,
BR 2-13
4-13-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Slap-Happy Pappy LT Bob Clampett Porky 9370 4-13-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Porky's Poor Fish LT Bob Clampett Porky 9372 4-27-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
The Hardship of Miles Standish MM Friz Freleng Elmer 9373 4-27-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Sniffles Takes a Trip MM Chuck Jones Sniffles 9367,
BR 1315
5-11-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
You Ought to Be in Pictures LT Friz Freleng Daffy Duck, Porky Pig 9366 5-18-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
A Gander at Mother Goose MM Tex Avery 9535 5-25-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Tom Thumb in Trouble MM Chuck Jones 9425,
BR 1175
6-8-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
The Chewin' Bruin LT Bob Clampett Porky 9534 6-8-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Circus Today MM Tex Avery 9593 6-22-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Little Blabbermouse MM Friz Freleng Little Blabbermouse 9159 7-6-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Porky's Baseball Broadcast LT Friz Freleng Porky 9536 7-6-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
The Egg Collector MM Chuck Jones Sniffles 9595 7-20-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
A Wild Hare MM Tex Avery Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd 9617 7-27-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Ghost Wanted MM Chuck Jones 9537 8-10-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Patient Porky LT Bob Clampett Porky 9538 8-24-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Ceiling Hero MM Tex Avery 9361 8-24-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Malibu Beach Party MM Friz Freleng 9633 9-14-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Calling Dr. Porky LT Friz Freleng Porky 9616 9-21-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Stage Fright MM Chuck Jones The Curious Puppies 9757 9-28-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Prehistoric Porky LT Bob Clampett Porky 9614 10-12-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Holiday Highlights MM Tex Avery 9637 10-12-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Good Night, Elmer MM Chuck Jones Elmer 9775 10-26-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
The Sour Puss LT Bob Clampett Porky 9634 11-2-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Wacky Wildlife MM Tex Avery 9759,
BR 1316
11-9-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
Bedtime for Sniffles MM Chuck Jones Sniffles 9635 11-23-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Porky's Hired Hand LT Friz Freleng Porky 9636 11-30-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Of Fox and Hounds MM Tex Avery Willoughby 9771,
BR 1362
12-7-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 Yes
The Timid Toreador LT Bob Clampett
Norm McCabe
Porky 9638 12-21-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
Shop Look & Listen MM Friz Freleng Little Blabbermouse 9639 12-21-1940 LTCC - 1939-1941 No


Tex Avery continues to direct in this timeline.

Title Series Director Characters ID # Release date Availability BR ri? Notes
Elmer's Pet Rabbit MM Chuck Jones Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd 9769 1-4-1941

LTCC - 1939-1941

Porky's Snooze Reel LT Bob Clampett
Norm McCabe
Porky 9772 1-11-1941 LTCC - 1939-1941 No
The Fighting 69½th MM Friz Freleng 9773,
BR 1319
1-18-1941 Yes
Sniffles Bells the Cat MM Chuck Jones Sniffles 9855 2-1-1941 No
The Haunted Mouse LT Tex Avery 9774 2-15-1941 No
The Crackpot Quail MM Tex Avery Willoughby 9853 2-15-1941 No
The Cat's Tale MM Friz Freleng 9859 3-1-1941 No
Joe Glow, the Firefly LT Chuck Jones 9784 3-8-1941 No
Tortoise Beats Hare MM Tex Avery Bugs Bunny, Cecil Turtle 9937 3-15-1941 No
Porky's Bear Facts LT Friz Freleng Porky 9806 3-29-1941 No
Goofy Groceries MM Tex Avery 9851 3-29-1941 No
Toy Trouble MM Chuck Jones Sniffles 9949,
BR 1176
4-12-1941 Yes
Porky's Preview LT Tex Avery Porky 9808 4-19-1941 No
The Trial of Mr. Wolf MM Friz Freleng 9939,
BR 1364
4-26-1941 Yes
Porky's Ant LT Chuck Jones Porky 9888 5-10-1941 No
Farm Frolics MM Tex Avery 9857,
BR 1178
5-10-1941 Yes
Hollywood Steps Out MM Tex Avery 9951 5-24-1941 No
A Coy Decoy LT Bob Clampett Daffy Duck, Porky Pig 9938 6-7-1941 No
Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt MM Friz Freleng Bugs, Elmer-like character 9953 6-7-1941 No
Porky's Prize Pony LT Chuck Jones Porky 9940 6-21-1941 No
The Wacky Worm MM Friz Freleng 93 6-21-1941 Yes
Meet John Doughboy LT Bob Clampett Porky 74 7-5-1941 No
The Heckling Hare MM Tex Avery Bugs Bunny, Willoughby the Dog 75 7-5-1941 No
Inki and the Lion MM Chuck Jones Inki, Mynah bird 79 7-19-1941 Yes
Aviation Vacation MM Tex Avery 91 8-2-1941 No
We, the Animals Squeak! LT Bob Clampett Porky 76 8-9-1941 No
Sport Chumpions MM Friz Freleng 77 8-16-1941 No
The Henpecked Duck LT Bob Clampett Daffy Duck, Porky Pig 78 8-30-1941 No
Snowtime for Comedy MM Chuck Jones Two Curious Puppies 95,
BR 1254
8-30-1941 Yes
All This and Rabbit Stew MM Tex Avery Bugs 173 9-13-1941 The Censored Eleven No
Notes to You LT Friz Freleng Porky Pig 174 9-20-1941 No
The Brave Little Bat MM Chuck Jones Sniffles 177,
BR 1252
9-27-1941 Yes
The Bug Parade MM Tex Avery 211,
BR 1262
10-11-1941 Yes
Robinson Crusoe, Jr. LT Norm McCabe Porky 172 10-25-1941 No
Rookie Revue MM Friz Freleng 353 10-25-1941 No
Saddle Silly MM Chuck Jones 213 11-8-1941 No
Porky's Midnight Matinee LT Chuck Jones Porky 192 11-22-1941 No
The Cagey Canary MM Tex Avery 225 11-22-1941 Yes
Rhapsody in Rivets MM Friz Freleng 175,
BR 1365
12-6-1941 Yes
Wabbit Twouble MM Tex Avery Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd 413 12-20-1941 No
Porky's Pooch LT Bob Clampett Porky 176 12-27-1941 No




Norm McCabe leaves to fight in WWII, and Frank Tashlin takes his place as director.


Leon Schlesinger doesn't sell the studio to Warner Bros. this year, instead, he continues to produce cartoons.


Frank Tashlin continues to direct for more years instead of leaving.


Bob Clampett continues to direct for more years instead of leaving and having Robert McKimson replace him.






Leon Schlesigner dies December 25, causing Eddie Selzer to become producer, and Warner Bros. continues to let Leon's company produce the cartoons.

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