Looney Tunes: A Remasterization
Genre Remasterization
Format Straight-to-Video
Created by RZF25
No. of episodes 1000+
Runtime 7 Minutes
Rated TV-PG
First aired January 22, 2016
Last aired Current
Original run Current

Looney Tunes R

Looney Tunes: A Remasterization, as the title says, is a remasterization of the shorts of the classic run of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, only that in better quality and UNCENSORED. The show is produced in digital ink and paint, on computer animation. Instead of years, the show is produced in the format of seasons, each season being a year, e.j. Season 1 is 1930 year, and Season 15 is 1944. As the Looney Tunes original series ran for 40 years, the series has 40 seasons. The series changed from tv airings (which had the first four seasons broadcast) to Direct-to-DVD format from Season 5 onwards

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