Kirstie is a psyhcotic evil maniac who is out for revenge, She has been after Lyndsey Longmoore since she was 5 years old. She wants to ruien the lost 7 spies, and will return as a villian in Castaras.

Kirstie Shephard
Personal Information
Aliases Evil

Kirstie Nutter Villian (Goodies)

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15
Birthday 17th April 1995
Affiliations Brandon, Kieron, Belladonna, Harrison, Dan, Nutting, Barron, Baboon and Villians.
Occupation Baboon's sidekick
Homeworld Earth
Residence Stourton, England
Interests Getting Revenge
Parents Unknown (Abandoned at birth)
Grandparents Unknown
Significant other(s) Dan
Children Andrew (son)
Grandchildren Unknown
Production Information
First appearance The Lost 7 (2016)
Last appearance Castaras: Long After
Voiced by Fearne Cotton

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