Judge Granny is a recurring wraparound segment in The New Looney Tunes Show, being a television version of the homonymous webtoon series, starring Granny.


This segment focuses on Granny adjuticating various cases envolving the show's characters.


Road Runner vs. Wile E. CoyoteEdit

Walter Wolf vs. Slappy SquirrelEdit

Yosemite Sam vs. Bugs BunnyEdit

People vs. Bull and Axl GatorEdit

Elmer Fudd vs. Daffy DuckEdit

Penelope Pussycat vs. Pepé Le PewEdit

Elmer Fudd vs. SylvesterEdit

The Brain vs. The WarnersEdit

Porky Pig vs. Daffy DuckEdit

People vs. Barnyard DawgEdit

The Drunk Stork vs. Sylvester and SylviaEdit

Spike and Chester vs. Marc Anthony and PussyfootEdit

Bunny and Claude vs. Bugs and Lola BunnyEdit

Elmyra Duff vs. Fifi La FumeEdit

People vs. Mr. ChairmanEdit

Sylvester vs. TweetyEdit




  • "Objection, I say, objection!" - Foghorn Leghorn.

Walter Wolf vs. Slappy SquirrelEdit

  • "Ok, our next case is Walter Wolf versus Slappy Squirrel" - Granny.

Penelope Pussycat vs. Pepé Le PewEdit

  • "Ok, our next case is Penelope Pussycat versus Pepé Le Pew" - Granny.
  • "Here's my final veredict: Mr. Le Pew is not guilty" - Granny.
  • "What?!" - Penelope Pussycat.
  • "You must understand, Mrs. Pussycat, that is normal a skunk like him to mistake other animals with a female mate. Besides that, you two would make a cute couple" - Granny.
  • "That's ridiculous!" - Penelope Pussycat.
  • "Zee judge eez right. We would make un good couple" - Pepé Le Pew.
  • "(chased by Pepé) This veredict stinks!" - Penelope Pussycat.

The Drunk Stork vs. Sylvester and SylviaEdit

  • "Ok, our next case is the Drunk Stork versus... (mad) Good heavens! You again, Sylvester?!" - Granny.
  • "I know, but this time, I'm the victim. Your honor, this idiot (referring to the Drunk Stork) delivered to me and my wife a baby mouse instead of a baby cat" - Sylvester.

Bunny and Claude vs. Bugs and Lola BunnyEdit

  • "Ok, our next case is Bunny Rabbit and Claude Hare versus Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny" - Granny.
  • "(chewing a carrot) Ehh, what's up, judge?" - Bugs Bunny.
  • "Your honor, our clients are suing Mrs. Rabbit and Mr. Hare for stealing their carrots in one of their robberies. We demand them to return the stolen food to them" - Buster Bunny.
  • "We don't have it with us. We already ate it all" - Claude.
  • "(furious) What did you did, doc?" - Bugs Bunny.
  • "Here's my final veredict: Mrs. Rabbit and Mr. Hare are guilty. Bailiff, take them away" - Granny.
  • "(chewing a carrot) And that's the end" - Bugs Bunny.

Elmyra Duff vs. Fifi La FumeEdit

  • "Ok, our next case is Elmyra Duff versus Fifi La Fume" - Granny.
  • "Here's my final veredict: I can't judge Mrs. Duff" - Granny.
  • "Sacre bleu! Why non?" - Fifi La Fume.
  • "Mrs. La Fume, I know that what she did was wrong, but like you, Mrs. Duff is only a teenager. And according to the law, I can't judge anyone underaged" - Granny.
  • "(sad) Oh, zat's fine" - Fifi La Fume.
  • "Mrs. Granny, I no longer want the stinky kitty (referring to Fifi). I now want that big doggie (referring to Wile E.)" - Elmyra Duff.
  • "Wait a minute, me? A dog?" - Wile E. Coyote.
  • "(chased by Elmyra) Help me!" - Wile E. Coyote.


  • The segment serves as a spoof of Judge Judy.
  • Buster & Babs (as a Franklin & Bash-esque lawyer duo), Wile E., Babbit and Minerva (as a Harvey Birdman-esque lawyer) appear as lawyers in the segments.

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