Ian Andrew Neumann is a story writer/director of the series, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. He is usually named, Ian, for short, due to the fact that his name is an acronym. He has wrote nearly over 30 stories involving the Looney Tunes characters as well as having other characters from other series appear in his stories.

History Edit

Collaborating with Others Edit

LT&MM Story Ideas Edit

Original Stories: Edit

Thugs and Kissies

Truck and Cover! (or Biker Built For Two)

Too Good to be Truant

Anime Antics

Video Game Revue

The Tell-Tale Fairy Tale

LT&MM Series: Edit

A Beep in the Deep

Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Pokemon Season!

Hedgehog Beats Hare

Hollywood Hedgehogs

Hare Cream

Misty Hare

Hedgehog Hurry

Southern Fried Hedgehogs (Originally titled, "Sissies in Dixie")

Break a Leghorn

The Foghorn Faker


Ali Baba Amy

To Hedgehog Is Human

Scents And Nonsense (Originally titled, "Scent to You")

Law and Dis-Odor 

Gotta Beep 'Em All!

Cakes and Robbers (Originally titled, "Of Loaf and Death")

Needy for Speedy

Gonzales' Enchiladas

Zoom with a View

Tortilla Bats

South of the Pesos (Originally Titled, "East of the Pesos")

Born to Beep Wild

Taco Road

Mexico Schmoes

Mexicali Boarders

Speedy Delivery

Nuts and Jolts

The Pied Piper Panic

Los Biker Banditos (or "Rapido Rider")

The Really Wild Chase

Humble in the Jungle

Bedeviled Hedgehogs


Deviled Aches

Scout and About

Easter Aches

Little Red Riding Racket

Bunny and Clyde

Biker Bunnies (or "Rabbit Riders")

Rapunzel's Tangled Hare

Duck Dodgers and the Super Sonic Space Squadron!


Ash to Ashes, Duck to Dust

The Carrot Job

Racketeer Rampage

Cats and Robbers

Bed Bugs and Bed Thugs

The Unknownables

The Unbearables


Napping Charming

Snow White and the Looney Tunes

The Windblown Hedgehogs

Barbecued Bugs

Rabbit Stew ...and Ducks, too!

Hair-Raising Hedgehogs

Witch Way Do We Go?

Hyde and Sneak

Pikachu's Hyde and Go Seek

Fangs for the Memories

Beach Blanket Bunnies

A Hedgehog Out of Water

The Nutty Nutcracker Prince

One Froggy Prince

Bully for Two

Sonic and Amy Get the Bird

Sonic and Amy Rides Again

Homestead Hedgehogs

Drip-Along Dodos

Buckaroo Bummers

Mexicali Crows

Pikachu and Swallow

The Cat's Meowth

Mice To Meet You

Robbin' Hoods

Hollywood Bowl Brawl

Rhapsody Rumble

Brony Bunny

Norse Feathers

Civil Bores

Roman-Legion Ian

A Pikachu Pizza Pie

Pikachus Anonymous

Rob-Ian Hood

Robin Hood Shadow

Robin Hoodlums

Robin Hoodwinked

Baby Buggy Bummers

The Harried and Hurried Hedgehog

Shamrock and a Hard Place

Ash & Misty's Animal Expoditions: The Birds and the Beeps

Ash & Misty's Animal Expoditions: Of Mice and Mexicans

Ash & Misty's Animal Expoditions: One Funny Bunny

Lice Capades

Injun Blocked

Wild and Woolly Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Trigger

Tugboat Troubles

Gopher It!

From Here to Heir

Snow-Body's Business

A Stick in the Fudd

The Hasty Hedgehogs

Haredevil Hedgehogs

Spaced Out Sonic

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