Husing Hunger is the second segment of of the tenth episode of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Sniffles, Babbit and Catstello.


Babbit and Catstello are the waiters in a restaurant named Tuffy's Tavern, but when two cat gangsters demand an order of mouse knuckles, they are outsmarted by Sniffles.



  • "Duh... My name is Catstello and I'm gonna catch a R-A-T, mouse" - Castello.
  • "How do you do, Mr. Catstello? My name's Sniffles. Why you gonna catch a mouse? Why do cats always try to catch mice? Mice don't try to catch a cat, because what would a mouse do with a cat if a mouse could catch a cat? Can you tell a mouse from a cat? Can you? Huh?" - Sniffles.
  • "Well, where are our knuckles?!" - Cat Gangster #1.
  • "(to the cats) So, you stole my bone. I'm gonna to hit everybody here! (he writes CATS in the Today's Special paper)" - Hector the Bulldog.
  • "(when he sees Babbit, the Cat Gangsters and the other costumers being attacked by Hector) Oh, I'm a baaaaad pussycat. (phone rings) Hi, Tuffy's Tavern, Catstello speaking. Tuffy isn't here! (garbled speaks on phone) Oh, hi Tuffy. (garbled speaks on phone) You want to talk with Babbit? Okay. Hey, Babbiiiit! (he sees Babbit still being attacked by Hector) He's busy. (iris out and segment ends)" - Catstello.


  • This segment serves as a remake of Hush My Mouse.
  • The two cat gangsters are cat versions of Rocky and Mugsy.

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