Hunt for the Mink is the first segment of the sixth episode of Season 2 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Minerva Mink.


After numerous failures on capturing Minerva, Newt hires Bull and Axl Gator into founding her and bring him her fur.



  • "So, kidnapping a beautiful girl for stealing her fur? (Newt and Bull try to walk away but the officer follows them) You're going to jail. (he grabs Newt and Bull and threws them in the paddy wagon)" - Police Officer.
  • "Wait! Hold on! What about him?!" - Bull Gator.
  • "Axl? No, he's my friend. We hang out a few times" - Police Officer.
  • "What?! You backstabbing jerk!" - Bull Gator.
  • "(while he and Bull are taken away) My beautiful fur! Get me out of here!" - Newt.


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