Horrifying Haunts is the first segment of the twentieth episode of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, being an one-shot segment.


After listening to The Witching Hour, the 11-year old male middle kid turns off the radio and heads off to go to sleep. He dreamt about being chased by ghosts, ghouls, monsters, werewolves, Frankenstein and their main leader Boogeyman. The kid woke up and knew it was a nightmare. He rushed over to be cuddled by his older brother and little sister.


Quotes Edit


  • Like Heartbroken Hobo, this one-shot segment sometimes have very little spoken dialogue here, while the most of it doesn't feature any spoken dialogue and are more action-driven.
  • The Boogeyman's voice is similar to Pete from Disney's Mickey Mouse franchise, also voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Once the middle kid got cornered by the Boogeyman's monsters, the monsters sing the song Mysterious Mose.
  • This was originally intended to be a Warners segment. However, a human version of the trio was used instead.

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