Heartbroken Hobo
Season 3, Episode 14c
Date Aired: TBA
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Heartbroken Hobo is the third segment of the fourteenth episode of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, being an one-shot segment.


A short and slender homeless man in his early 20s is all alone on a cold winter's night. He is willing to find a place to stay. Until he got a letter from his city cousin, Freddie Raymond in Brooklyn, NY. Once he got there, he was welcome to join the Christmas party. He spotted a beautiful girl and they start dancing to the music. The others cleaned up the poor man and give him nice and cleaner clothes to wear. Freddie told his cousin that he should be staying for Christmas. He agrees and the others cheered.



  • "Say....How 'bout youse stay with me for Christmas Eve, cousin?" - Freddie Raymond.
  • "(nervously agrees) Why... sure." - Homeless Man.


  • This one-shot segment sometimes have very little spoken dialogue here, while the most of it doesn't feature any spoken dialogue and are more action-driven.
  • Gottfried uses his natural voice for Freddie Raymond. Though in some parts, he had to make him sound clear and not very scratchy.