Gophed Bandits is the second segment of the twenty-first episode of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring the Goofy Gophers, Bunny and Claude.


Mac and Tosh are taken off from their tree by Bunny and Claude in order to they hide their stolen carrots from their last robbery. As a result, the gophers start a series of antics against the rabbit couple in order to recover their home.



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  • "Those two rabbits want war and they'll get it. Right, Tosh?" - Mac Gopher.
  • "Absolutely, Mac" - Tosh Gopher.
  • "(when he and Bunny get arrested) Unbeliavable, defeated by two rodents" - Claude.
  • "And we didn't end it yet (kisses Bunny and Tosh kisses Claude, iris out and segment ends)" - Mac Gopher.


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