George in The Big City is a 1942 cartoon starring George the Bear.It was directed by Bob Clampett.

Plot Edit

George gets lost in a big city,and finds a wolf who wants to eat him for dinner.The wolf tries various contraptions to get him in his stomach,but they all fail,one sending him to the opposite side of the city,where a cat uses him to do his dirty work,tries contraptions,they fail and eventually the wolf and the cat meet and fight over george.In the end george says "No worry fellas,you can split me in half!"The wolf and the cat then faint and george says "Gets em' evrey time!" and laughs,and the cartoon ends.


Besides the fact that this cartoon was almost never aired on television,George's last line was cut,as well as a refrence to war bonds in one of the wolf's contraptions.Also a gag where george imitates Al Jolson,is cut.This cartoon was aired once on ABC,fully uncut,in 1986,but that was the only time THAT happened.

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