Happy anniversary is the 1st episode of the series

Plot Edit

Bugs and lola celebrate there wedding anniversary by inviting their friends over and watch a video clip of their wedding before they head out to dinner


Bugs- I remember it like is was just yesterday i was nervis as that day was special for me but i took it all in Edit

Lola- your not the only one who was nervis that day i was trying to look my best as that day was so special to me also as it was going to be the best day of my life Edit

Bugs- i should calls the others to see if thay want to watch our wedding on the TV Edit

Lola- Ok but what time should we go to dinner Edit

Bugs- i was thinking maybe 8:00 Edit

Lola- OK Edit

Daffy- Happy anniversary you two Edit

Yosemite- Yeah Happy Anniversary you varmints Edit


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