Day 8 is the eighth episode of Laff-A-Lympics


The Laff-A-Lympics takes the competitors around the globe, to London, where they compete in a challenging Beach Volleyball and a 3-way hockey game. Then the competitors go over to Vancover for a Short Track Relay and a Bobsleigh.

For the first event, the Mordecai Mounds choose Ben Tennyson and Jeremy the Bugs Booms choose Finn and Daffy Duck, while the Ice Dooms choose Barnyard Dawg and Van Kleiss. In the end, the Bugs Booms place second after the Mordecai Mounds, who actually manage to play fun.

For the second event, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Agent Six and Foghorn Leghorn and for the Bugs Booms, Skips, Jimmy, Gwen Tennyson, and Rick for the Mordeci Mounds, and Nyancy Chan, Chuck, Black Knight and Eon for the Ice Dooms, compete in a 3-way hockey game, which the Ice Dooms had won, with the Mordecai Mounds in second and Bugs Booms coming in third.

Later, the teams travel to Vancouver, and, for the third event, Dave, Fionna, Caesar Salazar and Tina's Sister for the Bugs Booms, Skips, Kevin Levin, Anais Watterson and Audrey for the Mordeci Mounds, and Corvo, Nasty Canasta, Looma Red Wind and Ice Queen for the Ice Dooms, must play in a Skating Speed Skating 500m.

For, the third event, Marvin the Martian, Argit, CJ, and Attea for the Ice Dooms, Jenny, Rook Blonko, Julie Yamamoto, and Eileen for the Mordecai Mounds, Petunia Pig, Ester, Bobo HaHa, and Cake for the Mordecai Mounds, compete in a Bobsleigh which the Bugs Booms won, with the Mordecai Mounds and Ice Dooms coming in second.

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Bob Bergen- Porky Pig
  • Kristen Wigg- Lola Bunny
  • Jeff Bennett- Foghorn Leghorn, Nasty Canasta
  • Yuri Lowenthal- Bugs Bunny, Ben Tennyson
  • Khary Payton- Daffy Duck
  • Jeremy Shada- Finn the Human
  • Minty Lewis- Eileen
  • John DiMaggo- BoBo Haha
  • Tara Platt- Ester
  • Zac Efron- Jeremy
  • Wally Kruth- Agent 6
  • Bumper Robinson- Corvo
  • Jennifer Hale- Black Knight
  • Drew Carey- Barnyard Dawg
  • Paul Eiding- Max Tennyson
  • Billy West- Elmer Fudd
  • Ashley Johnson- Gwen Tennyson
  • Vyvan Pham- Julie Yamamoto
  • Selena Gomez- Tina's Sister
  • Courtenay Taylor- Audrey
  • Roger Craig Smith- Chuck
  • Bumper Robinson- Rook Blonko
  • Greg Cipes- Kevin Levin
  • Marin Hinkle- Petunia Pig
  • Roz Ryan- Cake
  • Patrick Stewart- Marvin the Martian
  • Madeleine Martin- Fionna
  • Kimberly Brooks- Princess Looma
  • Justin Roiland- Earl of Lemongrab
  • Kaya Rae Kowalewski- Anais Waterson
  • Diedrich Bader- Skips
  • Megan Grano- Jenny
  • Milo Cawthorne- Jimmy
  • Freddy Rodriguez- Caesar Salazar
  • Judd Nelson- Eon

Guest StarsEdit

  • Curtis Armstrong– Dan
  • Dave Foley– Chris
  • Paget Brewster– Elise


  • Max Tennyson: Here our guest judges Dan, Chris, & Elise

(Audience cheering)

  • Dan: Thank you Thank you now every game has it's basics with hockey Chris if you asist me a by tossing me a ball

  • Show Announcer: Ices come in first, Mordecais in second and Bugs in third
  • Mordecais: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


  • London
    • Beach Ball
      • Bugs: Finn and Daffy Duck (1st)
      • Mordecais: Ben Tennyson and Jeremy (2nd)
      • Ices: Barnyard Dawg and Van Kleiss (3rd)
    • 3-way hockey game

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