Day 13
Season 1, Episode 13
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Day 13 is the thirteen episode of Laff-A-Lympics


The Laff-A-Lympics takes the competitors around the globe, to Beijing, where they compete in a challenging 100 Yard Dash and a High Jump. Then the competitors go over to Virginia for a long course and a canoe race.

For the first event, the Mordecai Mounds choose Mordecai the Bugs Booms choose Bugs Bunny, while the Ice Dooms choose Ice King. In the end, the Bugs Booms, Mordecai Mounds and Ice Dooms tie, who actually manage to play fun.

For the second event, Giovanni Jones for the Bugs Booms, Gumball Watterson for the Mordeci Mounds, and Mugsy for the Ice Dooms, compete in a High Jump, which the Bugs Booms had won, with the Mordecai Mounds in second and Ice Dooms coming in third.

Later, the teams travel to Virginia, and, for the third event, Daffy Duck for the Bugs Booms, Darwin Watterson for the Mordeci Mounds, and Corvo for the Ice Dooms, must play in a long course.

For, the third event, Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Nasty Canasta, and Cottontail Smith for the Ice Dooms, Jeannie, Jenny, Jimmy, and Jeremy for the Mordecai Mounds, Finn, Kenneth Tennyson, Rex Salazar, and Caesar Salazar for the Bugs Booms, compete in a canoe race, which the Bugs Booms won, with the Mordecai Mounds coming in second and Ice Dooms coming in third.

Cast and characters

  • Eka Darville- Mordecai
  • Joshua Seth- Bugs Bunny
  • Jim Parsons- Daffy Duck
  • Jeremy Shada- Finn the Human
  • Tom Kenny- Ice King
  • Daryl Sabara- Rex Salazar
  • Maurice LaMarche- Yosemite Sam
  • Logan Grove- Gumball Waterson
  • Kwesi Boakye- Darwin Waterson
  • Will Friedle- Kennth Tennyson
  • Jeff Bennett- Nasty Canasta
  • Steve Mallory- Giovanni Jones
  • Milo Cawthorne- Jimmy
  • Megan Grano- Jenny
  • Robin Williams- Mugsy
  • Bumper Robinson- Corvo
  • Freddy Rodriguez- Caesar Salazar
  • Zac Efron- Jeremy
  • Paul Eiding- Max Tennyson
  • Billy West- Elmer Fudd


  • Max Tennyson: Gumball Waterson For the Mordecai Mounds clears A height of five feet, three inchies...
  • Elmer Fudd: Giovanni Jones for the Bugs Booms beats it with five feet, five inchies!
  • Show Annoucer: Mugsy for the Ice Dooms did it with five feet, six inchies!

  • Show Announcer: The Ices with twenty-five for first, The Bugs fifthteen for second and Mordecais with third for ten
  • Mordecais: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


  • Max Tennyson: I dont believe it the Ices won

Elmer Fudd: In deed


  • Beijing
    • 100 Yard Dash
      • Bugs: Bugs Bunny (tie)
      • Mordecais: Mordecai (tie)
      • Ices: Ice King (tie)
    • High Jump
      • Ices: Mugsy (1st)
      • Bugs: Giovanni Jones (2nd)
      • Mordecais: Gumball Waterson (3rd)
  • Virginia
    • long course
      • Ices: Corvo (1st)
      • Bugs: Daffy Duck (2nd)
      • Mordecais: Darwin Waterson (3rd)
    • Canoe Race
      • Bugs: Finn, Kenneth Tennyson, Rex & Caesar (1st)
      • Mordecais: Jeannie, Jenny, Jimmy & Jeremy (2nd)
      • Ices: Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Nasty Canasta & Cottontail Smith (3rd)
  • Final score
      • Ices: 50 (gold)
      • Bugs: 45 (silver)
      • Mordecais: 40 (bronze)