Daffy's Dinosaur Daze
Season AG03, Episode 3
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Feud for Thought
The Legend of Daffy
Daffy's Dinosaur Daze is the third of AdamGregory03's episodes of The Looney Tunes Show.


After Taz burries his new bone in the backyard, Daffy finds it and thinks it is a dinosaur bone. Meanwhile, Bugs protests against William H. Mormony's purchase of the park.


Penelope appears during the Merrie Melodies, but since she is a non-speaking character, has no lines.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Bugs: Speedy, how'd you get here so quick? Wait, don't answer that.


  • This is the second time Taz actually speaks, the first time in Newspaper Thief's Merrie Melodies, Tasmanian Meltdown.

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